Custom Products

In addition to our line of handcrafted lamps and lanterns, we can produce custom lamps, room dividers , window treatments and more. Here are some of the custom projects we’ve worked on:

Two large ceiling fixtures for the lobby of a New York City apartment building (approx. 2’x3’x2′ each). Steel armatures were fabricated in the shape of flowers; sheets of hemp handmade paper embellished with onion skins were formed in the shape of petals and wrapped around the armature. The paper dried taut to the armature frames.

Ceiling Lamps
We created these lamps for a restaurant in Portland, Oregon. They were made from abaca, with lengths of wire embedded to add structure to the paper, so that it could be shaped when dry. With our specialized equipment, we can make massive sheets of paper (up to four by six feet), allowing us to create custom lamps or window treatments of any size.

Custom Luminaria
This unique commission involved producing luminaria for an architectural firm, incorporating a watermark of the firm’s own design. The luminaria are sent to their clients each year as holiday gifts. Create custom luminaria with your own logo or design to be used as client gifts, wedding favors and more!

Watermarked Lamp
We restored the shade on this antique lamp by designing a watermark to go with the existing base and coloring the cotton pulp to match the original fabric of the shade.