About Us

Welcome to Enlightened Papers, an art studio in Portland, Oregon where paper is made just like it was hundreds of years ago. By hand. One sheet at a time, using natural fibers harvested from a variety of plants. Each paper lamp, lantern, ornament, and card that leaves our studio is one-of-a kind, a work of art designed to add a warm, personal touch to your home or office.
One of the ways we embellish our products is through an age-old technique known as watermarking. A watermark is a translucent design which is incorporated into a sheet of paper during the papermaking process. Traditionally, a watermark is made by stitching wire onto the papermaker’s mould to create an image, such as a logo, or a name. The raised wire on the watermarked mould leaves a translucent imprint on each sheet of paper, most visible when the sheet is held up to a source of light . In our studio, we watermark our papers by applying custom-cut adhesive-backed vinyl-like material to our papermaking moulds. Look for watermarks in our Luminaria and our Watermarked Cards.
About the Artist
Helen Hiebert is the proprietor of Enlightened Papers. Hiebert explores the interaction of paper and light by piercing, cutting, layering, weaving, and watermarking handmade papers to produce creative yet functional works of art.
Her commissioned works and production lamps have been featured in House & Garden, Country Living, Oregon Home and Architectural Record magazines. Her products are available for purchase online, or at a variety of shops around the country, including the American Musuem of Papermaking, Atlanta, GA; Kobo Shop & Gallery, Seattle, WA; Oblation Papers & Press, Portland, OR, Oregon College of Art & Craft, Portland, OR; and New Seasons Market, Portland, OR.
Hiebert has written several books on the subjects of paper and light and papermaking: Paper Illuminated, Papermaking with Plants and The Papermaker’s Companion.
Hiebert learned to make paper at Dieu Donné Papermill, a professional hand papermill located in New York City, where she worked for six years. She teaches and lectures about papermaking and lamp making throughout the country and maintains her studio in Portland, Oregon.